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Welcome to Houston Quran Academy

Houston Quran Academy is the premier Islamic PK-12 accredited institution in Houston, where we seamlessly integrate academic excellence with Quran memorization and understanding in a distinctive manner. As the top private Islamic school in Houston, we take pride in offering a nurturing environment that fosters both spiritual growth and academic achievement. At Houston Quran Academy, we are committed to providing a holistic education that empowers students with a strong foundation in both secular knowledge and Islamic values. Join us on this enriching journey of learning and discovery, where tradition meets innovation, and every student is encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our Mission



Our students are compassionate, knowledgeable, and spiritually grounded individuals who uphold the principles of Islam in a diverse and interconnected world.


We nurture academic excellence through experienced faculty, our students achieve top results in standardized tests and secure admission to prestigious universities.


Students are encouraged to explore their passions, develop leadership skills, and make meaningful contributions to their school and society.


Long Term Achievement

What Makes HQA Unique?

Partial List of Institutes where

HQA Students received acceptance

University Of Houston​
Texas A&M university​
University Of Texas at Austin​
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University Of Houston

Texas A&M university

University Of Texas at Austin

Student Life at HQA

Experience vibrant student life on our campus at Houston Quran Academy, where every day is filled with opportunities for growth, friendship, and exploration. Engage in a dynamic learning environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. Whether participating in extracurricular activities, joining clubs, or attending events, students at HQA find a sense of community that extends beyond the classroom. Our campus is a hub of diverse talents and interests, fostering a rich tapestry of experiences that contribute to the holistic development of each student. Join us in creating lasting memories, building lifelong connections, and embracing the vibrant spirit of student life at Houston Quran Academy.