Dr. Hamid Ghazali

Dr. Ghazali, the esteemed founder and director of the Houston Quran Academy, is a distinguished individual with a wealth of experience. Holding the prestigious title of Hafiz and possessing a Ph.D. in education, he boasts an extensive professional background in various governmental and private institutions, having served in administrative and management capacities.

In addition to his role at the Houston Quran Academy, Dr. Ghazali serves as the Chairman of the MAS Council of Islamic Schools, a professor at Islamic American University, and a former vice-president of ISNA. With a career spanning over two decades, he has excelled in roles such as principal, superintendent, and imam, showcasing his dedication to the field of education and Islamic leadership.

Dr. Ghazali’s influence extends beyond local boundaries, as he actively consults for schools across the nation. His commitment to advancing Islamic education is evident through his publications and engagements as a speaker on the subject. With a remarkable background and a profound commitment to his work, Dr. Ghazali continues to be a prominent figure in the realm of Islamic education.